Old Story, Old History

18225573461934126lwEMaS9wcWe both were sitting on the terrace  of Plaosan temple while the sun was going down. “It’s peaceful” You said.

One day in your life, sometimes without a perfect plan, somehow you wanted to go to a far far away place.  You said that your world is spinning to fast, so you wanna stop it though just for a while.  Then, here we were at Plaosan temple, not far from Prambanan temple, one of the famous temples in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Plaosan temple is known as Plaosan Complex which is one of buddhist temples. There are Plaosan Lor and Plaosan Kidul, so Plaosan is also known as the twin temples. Plaosan Lor consists of two main temples and an open area surrounded by some statues known as mandapa.  The myth said that Plaosan is a kind of Taj Mahal. The building or temple was built as the sign of love. Plaosan temple is about love story between Rakai Pikatan and Pramodhawardhani. It combined Buddhist and Hindu kingdom at that time.

When we arrived at Plaosan temple, we took around the area of  Plaosan Lor then we stood together at Mandapa.

“I feel the energy right here.” You said casually.

Mandapa is a high altar in the center of square yard. Some statues are on its surrounding, it makes Mandapa like Stonehenge. So, it’s not surprising if there is also the energy of the universe in this place as it is believed in the Stonehenge.

You closed your eyes and seemed enjoying the energy. I did not know what  you thought in your mind while doing that, but I wished you thought nothing and let the universe becoming your part to erase all the old stories you did not need anymore.

Silently, you opened your eyes and gave a motion to walk with you to the one of  the main temples.

“What the fuck stuff in their mind to build a temple as a sign of love?” You said with funny tone.

I laughed and responded, “Age by age goes by, but human being never need any serious and glorious reason to launch a war or to build a great building.”

“What about the businessman in the capital city whose so many great buildings?” You replied fast.

“They are very serious people then.” I answered  casually.

We laughed for a while.

Then, we took some pictures in front of the main temple. Then you stopped for a while before entering the temple.

“Stay close, please.” You asked.

Then we entered the temple. There were three rooms inside the temple. The centre room was right in front of the entrance. Every room has some statues.

Then we went to the right and left rooms. You looked amazed to the ceiling which was very high.

“Are they so huge?” You said curiously.

“Who are they?” I responded mischievously.

“Alien, or maybe a kind of avatar or giant.” You smiled and answered.

I grinned and shrugged.

We also took some pictures inside the room. You stood under the beam of sunlight from the high window, then click! One more picture.

Then, we went out  from the temple. Suddenly, you closed your eyes and stood weakly.

“What’s wrong with you?” I was worried.

“Nothing.” You answered shortly.

Then  as if there’s truly nothing wrong with you, you hurried up to the next main temple.

When we arrived at the entrance, you said the same, “Stay close, please.”

“It would be the same, you don’t need to enter this one.” I said carefully.

You shook your head and replied, “Let’s go.”

Then I followed your step to the inside of the temple.

There were also three rooms just exactly like the other temple.

When you went to the right and left rooms,  you whispered, “It’s more cold here.”

“Sunset is coming, let’s go out.” I asked with  commanding tone. I did it for her sake.

Then, we went out from the temple. You looked pale.

“I think the view of sunset will be better if we look at it from the terrace over there.” I said and pointed at the other temple we entered before.

You just nodded and followed me.

On the terrace, we sat peacefully and enjoyed the sunset.

“There’s always be the other story, other history, other place, and other people in this world. We are never alone in this universe. Hanging out in the temple always reminds me to God and our ancestor. It’s awesome.” You said calmly.

I nodded and added, “When the temple becomes higher and higher, the people who prayed on it supposed to be more humble, it is because the level representing the spiritual level of human being, and when you get closer to God, it would bring you peace and inferior feeling at the same time.”

“Hey, what are we talking about?” You responded fast.

Then, we laughed together.

“How’s your story?” You asked carefully.

I shrugged and answered, “I need another character to be the love interest of the main character, which is me. How’s yours?”

You smiled and replied, “too much old stories and histories in my past. It makes my life complicated. I want to let it go and write the new story.”

“That’s great. What are you waiting for then?” I responded happily.

“No, I’m not waiting anything. I’ve already started it.” You smiled mysteriously.

“Yeah, I wish Buddha in this temple make our prayer comes true.” I said.

Suddenly, you shook your head, and answered, “Not Buddha anymore inside these temples.”

I was shocked and responded stupidly, “Avatar?”

You stood up and just said, “The sun had gone down well. Let’s go home.”

We walk to the gateway. You looked at me and said, “Thank you to bring me here.”

“Anytime. But hey, I’m curious, what’s in your mind when you closed your eyes on Mandapa? You looked very enjoyed at that place.”

“Going to the old building or place always makes me imagining what kind of people who ever lived at that place.  In Plaosan temple, I imagined people with traditional outfit and golden accessories. They are playful enough to build this temple just for fun. But actually, they are smart  people who build this temple with a lot of consideration related to the energy of universe. That’s it. Then, I let the universe spook to me, but the fact is… the universe said nothing to me.” You explained happily and laughed.

On the way home, you looked more pale.

“I’m tired. They took a lot from me.” You said trembling.

“Who are they?” I replied you with the same question I asked before.

“Aw crap! It’s true!” You shouted loudly and your eyes were staring at your ipad.

“Tell me.” I responded curiously.

“In the right and left rooms, there are the relief of Kuwera and his wife, Hariti. They were both a cannibal giant.”

We looked each other and felt frightened.

“But wait, both of them then atoned after they met Buddha. After that, they became the gods of richness and children guardian.”

“Yeah, we will be rich then!” I yelled excitedly.

“Amien. But it’s not them who took my energy.” You said quietly and calmly.

I gazed at you with horror. You just shrugged.

“But don’t worry, people believe that the temple will help single people to find their soulmate, like Rakai Pikatan and Pramodhawardhani’s love story.” You explained casually.

“More amien then.” I replied excitedly.

Our journey to the Plaosan temple somehow gave us awareness and hope, and absolutely a new story. Don’t ever let somebody else hold the pen in your story, but let the God guiding you when you are making your story.

The end.


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