My Lost Child

images (7)“Now, I know the reason why a Hero wears a mask. But I’m not a Hero and never wanna be. My darkness is my nature, not a kind of mask. I just do what I want to do. I break the rules if I need it. I start a war to make a statement, if I should do that. My heart is touched by such an ingredient named love. I’ll keep it though it hurts me well in the same time. And I’ll take all the blames, just to make my father stop loving me.” -Alexander-

1272“He’s not the world’s favorite. But he’s my precious child. I can’t stop loving him. All the mistakes and burdens in his shoulder won’t change him in my perspective. Deep inside of me, I want only him to be mine. But he belongs to the world. Though I am a King and I love him more than everything in this world, I can’t and never give him one of his solely wish. But I will do everthing to takecare of him. Always and forever. For someday, the world will know the reason why he becomes my precious child. -The Great King- 

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My Lost Child [2]


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