Be Brave*

22686889994882194312bXUw01cThis song changes my mind. I like a brave person, no matter what. 

It’s easy to say our opinion in social media, especially when we talk about an public issue. It’s also easy to say anything when we know that the majority say the same with us. It’s easy to follow what people say, though we should lie to ourselves. It’s easier to say just something good to our friend, though we know it’s not good for their sake. It’s easier to keep the secret from our friend just to please someone else. It’s also easier to not take a side.

What about to stand up for the truth when the world disagree about it? What about to say what our heart wanna say? How can we differenciate that we are the neutral or just an opportunist or loser? What about if we are in the position where we are blamed and will be executed for a death sentence, don’t we need a brave friend to back us up? Don’t we also need to be brave for somebody else? We can say that being brave means naive. But after hear this song, no matter what, yes, just be brave.

The end.

*Inspired by this song.


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