4 Days, 4 Countries, 4 Currencies [part 1]

trav1No matter the numbers, but the experience itself. 

This time I went to Hong Kong for holiday, just to take a break from my life. I made myself empty and I just jumped to somebody’s life. Yes, that’s the way I always call other place as somebody’s life, since we can see and feel other people’s activity, culture and the people themselves.

I want to share my trip, but for your information, I’m not a real backpacker, a little bit spoiled, but I always like to be independent in choosing some destination places and making my own itinerary. So, everyone who agrees with me, please be my guest especially in this article.

I made the decision to go to Hong Kong within one week only. Suddenly, I’ve got time, a chance, and a friend, so I think what I am waiting for? Being spontaneous is also the part of holiday itself, right?

Definitely, I have my own thoughts and deep feeling when I decided to go, I can’t share it here, but the most important thing I want to remind is that everyone deserves for holiday. It’s good to see other place and jump to somebody’s life. It will give you more knowledge and awareness. But of course, it’s personal. You are the one who can value it by yourself.

Anyway, this trip contained of 4 days, 4 countries, and 4 currencies. Yes, in a very short time, my friend and I should buy all the plane and hotel tickets, of course in an economical way. Therefore our trip made us stopping by in Kuala Lumpur – Hong Kong – Macau – Singapore. We had a quite long time when we transited in KL and Singapore. So we prepared some money in their currencies to have a dinner and breakfast for us there. But finally we decided to use our Hong Kong Dollar when we went to Macau. Tiring? Complicated? Of course not.

IMG_20151106_090209The secret of happy trip are not only the destination, itinerary, money or facility, but the most important thing is a friend who shares the trip with you.


4 days, 4 countries, 4 currencies were so fun and challenging for me because I have a very good partner to enjoy this trip. We have known each other before. We know each other the way we think, our habits, and even our laziness. Before you start the trip, it’s better for you and your friends to be honest each other, for example:

  1. What’s your most favorite destination place in that city?
  2. How much money you will bring? Or at least will you be economical or wasting money with no regret?
  3. Make a simple itinerary, later on I will give you the example, then make an simple agreement with your partner.
  4. Get to know what other’s needs, for example; Every morning I always need more time to blow my hair, and my friend likes to have smoking time everywhere we go.
  5. and so on.

It maybe sound so complicated, but good and open communication will lead yo to a happy trip with your partner. It will create a deep understanding as well between you and your partner in the trip itself.

The most important thing and very basic, you and your friend should have a good will to make each other comfy and happy. After that, all will go on by itself very well.

4 days, 4 countries, 4 currencies? A piece of cake!

I will share you more about this trip on the next article. it’s about the tips and trick to get some cheap plane and hotel tickets in a very short time, to create the itinerary, and so many more that I believe you need it as well. Coming soon!





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