A Journey to The Peak

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This is a fun and philosophical journey with my best friend.


I went to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong two months ago. I decided to go there only in a few days after a very sad and sudden thing came to my best friend and I. We wanted to celebrate our life whatever happened to us. It broke our dream. It broke our heart. It broke our happiness.

Victoria Peak is one of the famous destinations in Hong Kong. It is located in Hong Kong island, one of the three primary islands in Hong Kong. When you go to Victoria Peak by tramways or MTR, you can enjoy the beauty of Causeway Bay areas as well.

You may buy the ticket on the spot, but I suggest you to buy Octopus card. You can avoid wait lines, and just show your Octopus card, tap it, and enter the gate. After that, you can ride the tram to the peak. Using Octopus card will be cheaper than if you buy the ticket directly. Even you will get free pass when you go to their Sky Terrace 428.

So here we were on the tram to the peak. What I can say is it is very crazy! You go up and up and sometimes it is very steep and rugged, close to more than 45 degree! Somehow it feels safe. It’s fun and yes, it is philosophical for me.

This is a journey which described well my life at that time. To go to the peak, we need more than passion and luck. We need a strong will and even tears. Sometimes shit happens, but that’s life. It makes us stronger than we used to be. That’s the value of going to the peak of our life. Just move on.


After the tram reached the peak, there are a very beautiful sight there, a cup of hot coffee, some yummy dishes and so many things up there. Yes, it is difficult to reach the peak, but when you get to the top, you can see that all of your efforts bring you what you deserve for.

The end.



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